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We want to connect with a performer, and that’s maybe what James Brown does best on this album; he connects with his audience in a way that over 50 years later we can’t deny feels absolutely great to listen in on. The aim of this structure is to provide flexibility and depth to help you […]

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Take a big task — like building a music website — and break it into steps. What part of that process can you do right now with the time you have? Then tomorrow, you can do another step in that process. If you only have 15 minutes to do something, get something done in that 15 […]

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This is another simple, yet effective music video with a strong visual aesthetic to create lasting resonance. Here, the directors make use of distinctive colors, body art, and semi-raw footage to alter Gotye’s physical presence throughout the story. The continual changing of Gotye’s body represents the shifting of emotional qualities when recounting a painful breakup. […]

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