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Grants for theatre educators

We all know that vinyl manufacturing these days is plagued by delays; it strikes me that if the artist or label needs to wait until a certain number of pre-orders is reached to start manufacturing, that’s just making an already lengthy process even longer. Over the past few hundred years, Western Europeans gradually figured out […]

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Grants for community art projects

Vocal effects may be added before or after you record. You can add these by using a combination of the sound effects in Logic’s library, and pressing the audio effects button. GigMailz is similar to Mailchimp, but is geared towards musicians and other entertainers. For a low monthly subscription, users get services like a 45-minute […]

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American chamber music society

All of our mentored online courses come with six weeks of 1-on-1 professional support and feedback on your work. It’s like having a personal trainer, but for music! That means you’re not just getting the course content, but a coach to bounce ideas off of and someone invested in your success. Check out our courses such as The […]

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Performing arts grants for nonprofits

“I have a fictitious person I write for. And she’s called Doris, and she’s from Bradford and she wears a raincoat and she has two horrible little kids that are giving her nothing but grief. And you know, the man left her a while back. And she just, in the rain, everyday, trudges to work […]

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