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If you’re used to playing huge stages with elaborate sound and equipment setups, a house concert will force you to present your music in the clearest (and sometimes most stripped-down) way possible. Soundfly is a new kind of music school for today’s musician. We create creative courses and daily articles for the curious musician. Meet […]

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I love whenever I get to talk about punk rock. Two people recommended I write about this performance, so I did a little research, and this is what I found (read a fuller synopsis here): If you have some additional tips or would like to be kept accountable by sharing your musical resolutions with the world, […]

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Krumhansl proposed that we’ve heard enough songs in major keys to be able to pick up on what songs in major do, and how they should sound. Just like when you watch enough spy movies, you can basically predict what’s supposed to happen in the spy movie you’re about to watch. Cui says, “I’m assuming that most […]

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When you compose, do you gravitate toward certain instruments? And how much of the composition is being orchestrated in your inner ear and how much of it are you playing while you write? For all these reasons, we’re super happy to be able to experience musical life in Africa through the work of a handful […]

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