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National endowment for the humanities grant recipients 2018

If you’re used to playing huge stages with elaborate sound and equipment setups, a house concert will force you to present your music in the clearest (and sometimes most stripped-down) way possible. Soundfly is a new kind of music school for today’s musician. We create creative courses and daily articles for the curious musician. Meet […]

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I love whenever I get to talk about punk rock. Two people recommended I write about this performance, so I did a little research, and this is what I found (read a fuller synopsis here): If you have some additional tips or would like to be kept accountable by sharing your musical resolutions with the world, […]

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Grants for musicians 2020

Well, depending on how comfortable you are, inviting guests into your closet where you may or may not have clothes could be a difficult task. Try to find a spot that is softly furnished and quiet. Bars, for example, are not ideal for interviews. You’ll also ideally need a second microphone if the premise of […]

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