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An interval is simply the distance between two notes. We classify intervals in two ways— by quantity and by quality. Quantity tells us roughly how far apart the notes are on the scale; and quality tells us more about the unique sound of the interval or which scale it’s pulling from. Say what you want about rap metal, Rage […]

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Top hip hop artists 2018

“No Tears Left To Cry”: There’s so much tonal candy here, we had to have a whole public hearing about it when the song came out: the Kabalevsky-esque interplay between major and minor scales in the melody, the Vsus chord, and these yummy jewels-in-the-necklace add2 chords that make up the main chord-riff. It’s the add2 […]

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Born in Altamura in 1795, Saverio Mercadante is considered one of Italy’s most overlooked masters. That fact is extremely hard to believe since he’s known to have written at least 58 operas!! During his life, he did quite well for himself, working in Austria, Spain, and Portugal, as well as in Italy. Be careful here. Don’t turn […]

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